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  • 12 May 2020
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Vivienne Lorret æ 9 Read

Vivienne Lorret æ 9 Read Free download à E-book, or Kindle E-pub æ Vivienne Lorret Read & download My Kind of Earl (Mating Habits of Scoundrels, #2) Ndrels goes awry she finds herself coming to the rescue of a dark enigmatic stranger who turns out to be far than an average rake out for a night of pleasure He’s positively wildOnly the most feral and cunning could have survived foundling homes and work houses Orphaned as an infant Raven never had another name At least not until he meets her Now he’s face to face with. When her book research on the difference between gentlemen and scoundrels leads her to a brothel Jane Pickerington doesn t expect the excursion to end in an all out brawl She winds up coming to the aid of the man who attempted to rescue her and soon discovers he s far than a garden variety rakeRaven has a strict set of rules he lives by rules that helped him survive as an orphan abandoned on the steps of a foundling home He s never had any other names or known anything about his true origins nor has he tried to find out but that all changes when he meets the insatiably curious Jane She recognizes a scar on his arm and the fact that he s entitled to an aristocratic position based on the truth of his birthRaven has always despite the aristocracy He manages a gaming hell and is comfortable in the slightly seedier parts of London He has no preparation for high society and doesn t know that he wishes to but he agrees to allow Jane to teach him some social graces In exchange Raven teaches Jane all about the wicked topics which spur her curiosity leaving them both wanting at the end of each lessonI have so many mixed feelings about this one Potential spoilers ahead I loved the concept of Raven and his mysterious past and the revelation of his true identity but I felt he deserved of a true recognition than he got in the end We re left with him still in disgrace and I wanted him to be vindicated perhaps an epilogue or another chapter would ve left me feeling satisfied I wound up liking Jane in the end but she really had to do a lot of growing on me At first I pretty much hated her because of her arrogance entitlement and naivete given her meddling in Raven s life for what were originally purely selfish reasons to satisfy her own curiosity and with no thought to the effects that could have on him Her know it all attitude and constant corrections of Raven not to mention her judgmental attitudes and blatantly using him as research for her book got on my nerves Fortunately her behavior improved as she came to love Raven and her condescension turned into of a witty banter and became a bit charming For his part Raven took this mostly in stride and produced some of the best innuendo I ve read His complexity as a character and his fear of letting anyone close was rather moving especially when the truth of his origins and background is revealed and considering the fact that he s never been loved In some ways I feel like Jane pushed Raven entirely too hard and in others not at all hard enough which left me unsure of how to feel about this book Another complaint I had is the fact that the sexual abuse Raven endured as a young man is totally glossed over he rationalizes the behavior of his abused when Jane points out how wrong this was despite the fact that his inner monologues have revealed that this experience was damaging to him I would ve liked to have seen even just an extra page or two of him coming to terms with what happened to him as he realizes that intimacy with Jane is totally different from anything he s ever known No this wasn t strictly vital to the plot I just think it would ve rounded out his character a bit This book wasn t exactly everything I d hoped it would be but I did enjoy the coming together of these two uirky unconventional characters and I ll continue with the series but mostly I look forward to Prue s storyI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

Free download à E-book, or Kindle E-pub æ Vivienne LorretMy Kind of Earl (Mating Habits of Scoundrels, #2)

Vivienne Lorret æ 9 Read Free download à E-book, or Kindle E-pub æ Vivienne Lorret Read & download My Kind of Earl (Mating Habits of Scoundrels, #2) The one person who recognizes the strange birthmark on his arm and can reinstate him to his blue blooded birthrightAll at once Raven’s life takes a turn His knowledge of dark alleys and gaming hells never prepared him for gilded ballrooms So Jane becomes his tutor Yet the lessons in decorum she offers the this untamed scoundrel wants to teach her all the ways to be wick. This is book 2 in the series but is perfectly fine as a stand alone at least that s how I felt not having read book 1 Jane is doing research on the behavior of scoundrels and needs notes to write her book She ends up sneaking into a brothel where she meets our hero Raven After their encounter she knows she recognizes his birthmark from somewhere and is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery Jane can be a little interfering but Raven never seemed to be out of his comfort zone with her direction so it didn t bother me Jane has a very large family and very neglectful parents and she is just aching for someone to really see her respect her understand her longings in life And I think Raven s playfully flirtatious personality was perfect for her Raven was orphaned as an infant and has lived a life of hard work and abuse He has worked hard to get his own living place and even secured a few books to own I usually find the heroine to be the bookworms in HR in general and I loved seeing Raven s breath catch when he enters a well stocked library I will always have a soft spot for the street heroes of HR And Raven has a bit of that hardness to him but he also has a fun personality I found him humorous playful and sexy I really absolutely loved this book right up until the end THE END We ll talk about that later I thought this book had a great build over time of tension and touches and longing I thought Jane and Raven were focused on each other for most of the book Some parts were funny Some were so heartwarming Raven was really a great hero and I felt like he truly loved Jane and her family who is obviously important to herI found this book to be filled with so many little scenes that built the tension So many touches almost touches almost kisses a stroke of a collarbone above a dress I loved them There is a scene where Jane is teaching Raven some of the social niceties of the ton and she s explaining how when making calls on women it s important to keep your hat and gloves with you so your hostess knows you won t be sharing intimacies with a guess Raven informs her of at least 7 ways he could ravish her while keeping his hat and gloves intact There s no kisses but it s so Damn Sexy The wanting I felt during that scene was wonderfulGive this book a try if you are in the mood for A class differences feel the hero is an orphan that grew up on the streets and the heroine is a daughter of a viscountSecrethidden identity maybe a bit of a stretch the hero is an orphan trying to find out his originsEnough mystery to move the story along but not overwhelmingly taking overModerate steam it felt a bit on the lower end to me but the scenes are detailed and explicit They were just concentrated at the end see end of review for amountspercentage location in bookSo The END Was a disaster for me It was such an amazing wonderful book until the end Then Everything happened It was way too much crammed into a short percentage Some of it didn t really make sense as far as the characters went I didn t approve at all of Raven s actions I also dislike when another character has to come in and kind of fix the problem and that s what happened here I want the characters to be able to mostly figure it out themselves There was just so muchI didn t like anything at the end I also didn t like the way some of Raven s darker moments of his past were handled It almost skimmed over it like see look I m fine wink wink and I guess I would have preferred some gut wrenching conversation closure on it than a gloss overLocationsamounts of kisses and sexy scenesview spoilerFirst kiss 34% Second kiss 54%Fondling for her 69%First sex scene 75%Second sex scene brief 88% hide spoiler

Read & download My Kind of Earl (Mating Habits of Scoundrels, #2)

Vivienne Lorret æ 9 Read Free download à E-book, or Kindle E-pub æ Vivienne Lorret Read & download My Kind of Earl (Mating Habits of Scoundrels, #2) USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Lorret continues her charming new trilogy with a bluestocking whose search for information on the mating habits of scoundrels has her stumbling upon the missing heir to an earldom in the London underworldJane Pickerington never intended to start a brawl in a brothel She only wanted to research her book Yet when her simple study of scou. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review His mouth curved in a slow mysterious grin You re not the only one who knows things Jane My Kind of Earl is second in the Mating Habits of Scoundrels series where three friends are trying to write a primer on scoundrels for debutantes Their friend Prudence was caught up in a scandal and banished to the countryside they want to help fellow debutantes avoid such a fate New readers could easily start here as the heroine from the first is off on her honeymoon and all you really need to know is this heroine s Jane motivation for why she wants to research scoundrels The hero Raven first made an appearance in the Misadventures in Matchmaking series The Rogue to Ruin Catching his breath Raven stared at her He felt strangely mystified and exhilarated as if he were a lad seeing fireworks light up the night sky over Vauxhall for the first time Raven is a gaming hell factotum who moonlights at an upper class brothel pretending to be a gentleman to bring in upper class gentlemen this is where he first sees Jane as she is trying to sneak in Jane is our heroine bluestocking who has a perfect memory and wildly curious mind She at first came off a bit annoyingly obliviously naive while Raven was trying to save her and her reputation at the brothel but as the story focused on her and Raven their chemistry covered up any rough edges She knew he was only flirting with her out of habit wanting to distract her There could be no other reason And yet that low gravelly drawl made her wonder what precisely those wicked ideas were I loved these two instead of insta lust the author wrote instant awareness and what a burning delicious tingle up the spine these two gave off The first half is just about wholly devoted to the chemistry between the two and it definitely worked Once the reveal of what the bird tattoo on Raven s shoulder could mean about his previously thought orphan identity the beginning steam between the two settles into of a comfortable heat as Jane gives Raven lessons on how to act in society and he s giving her material on how scoundrels seduce In the second half some of Jane s eleven brothers and sisters start to make bigger entrances into the story and we get flushing out of her personality how her class obsessed and ignoring parents make her feel easy to be unlovable and being a pseudo parent to her siblings has made her want to have a plan for every contingency The brothers and sisters also provided great moments for Raven to showed he cared for Jane by his attention to them To enjoy Jane and Raven together so much you will have to let go of the idea that Jane should be chaperoned and for someone who is so aware of ruination she plays it pretty fast and loose It wasn t until around the 60% of the story that I think the narrowed focus on Raven and Jane started to lose some steam and I wanted some outside story to come in The only way he could keep her would be to claim his birthright The outside story to our couple s romance involves a mystery Jane is determined to solve about Raven s bird tattoo and how it could be tied into his identity It gets a bit convoluted with involvement from Jane s uncle traitors and vengeful French spies but still held together Raven is obviously scared to hope because of what answers they discover could mean to him so he gets a bit resistant and growly All this had me rating the book a strong four stars until I got to the 70% mark and a couple things happened that made me wanting to drop the rating to two stars She uieted the restless sense of separation he d felt all his life I mentioned how the narrowed focus on Jane and Raven started to lose steam in the second half but what really had me dropping the rating was a couple other things When Raven discusses his past he reveals that he was rescued by an older woman when he was a teen who he slept with and then when he got older she introduced him to other upper class women Raven states this By the time I d reached my eighteenth year and my body had grown from nourishment and vigorous exercise he paused to wink my features had lost their boyish softness Her interest wanedRaven laughs and smooths anything over by saying he was a young boy in puberty so of course he enjoyed the attentions of a woman and Jane only thinks about how she is jealous that any other woman would have had her hands on Raven s body I can not believe that line was said without a strong stating of how that woman was a pedophile and some form of condemnation and acknowledgment of what happened was wrong I really think if it had been a teenage girl with an older man saying this it would have been handled differently This small scene in the sense of the general overall story really soured my stomach because of the gross perpetuating of such ideals when it comes to teenage boys and sex The second thing that dropped the rating was at around the 90% mark we re in the midst of the last second angst moment before our couple eventually gets their HEA Raven says some incredibly cruel things to Jane I ve just journey through 90% of this story with Raven and Jane learning each other and growing together to have Raven become scared and disregard all the work the author has done and say overly cruel things with only 10% for him to redeem himself Needless to say Jane forgave him too uickly and a lot of the caring previously displayed by Raven didn t hit as hard after his cruelty Lastly the ending was ridiculously abrupt to the point I m still uestioning if my ARC was missing an epilogue We get the reveal of events that led to Raven ending up at an orphanage and then boom the ending I don t need a five years down the road mini novella but give me some time to not only enjoy the couple happily together but to also write a scene with them having it I m not sure they fully got that here And to think he said all this happened because of a button This started off so good with the delicious spine tingling teasing and chemistry between Jane and Raven only to lose some momentum in the second half and hit some major rough spots on its way to a very abrupt ending I enjoyed Jane s open and honest admittance of love and Raven s growly but caring towards her I also appreciated how the author must be a fan of the don t show a gun on the mantel if you re not going to use later school of thought because when she shows a comfortable hidden chaise longue she definitely ends up using it The beginning of this felt so purposeful with the emotions and interactions between our couple but the ending had a very get it done and wrapped up feel There s still two friends out of the group to find their happily ever after and because this author can be so good with the chemistry between her leads I still will be grabbing them up